Fort Ord : Beauty

A Photographic Exploration of Modern Femininity

Little Film Lab

The amazing team at Little Film Lab in Menlo Park, CA has volunteered their time to develop all of the film for the Fort Ord Beauty project. I have worked with this lab for years and have been incredibly impressed with their dedication to extremely high quality and excellent customer service. They work with each customer one on one to ensure that they are able to fulfill their creative vision.

Sylvan Design Studio

Barney and Lexann have graciously offered to host a kickoff party for the Fort Ord Beauty project in their beautiful Sand City, CA gallery space. Barney and Lexann have a long history of supporting and partnering with local artists and I am honored to be a part of this tradition. Along with being an integral part of the Sand City and greater Monterey Bay Area art community, Barney and Lexann design and create incredible, functional art pieces of all shapes and sizes out of a wide array of wood, metal and glass.